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The Not-So Plastic Tramps

EB: So tell me all about the newest single. Give me some impressions if you can, before I give it a listen.

PT: The newest single sends a strong message about racism. It expresses the scale of police brutality that is only increasing. The song has moments that are soft, calm and restful, this changes to slightly more violent and vicious sounds. This of course represents the true nature of police brutality and how quickly a situation and become toxic and in turn create a terrorising and rampant atmosphere.

EB: What made you want to approach subject matter like this?

PT: The George Floyd tragedy is really what sparked it. We will never understand what it feels like to be mistreated and brutalised solely because of the colour of our skin, but we can try and understand the thought process behind the attacker. The song is written in both third and first person. The third person perspective gauges almost a birds eye view of the situation and the first person perspective covers the thoughts and feelings of the perpetrator, which in this case was a police officer, serving his country. Now he is serving time.

EB: Interesting. Could you guys see yourselves diving into heavy conceptual work like this in the future?

PT: This is the first song we have written that has a very critical meaning, and one that most people can not necessarily relate to, but can definitely connect with. We prefer a more humorous or less sensitive approach to songwriting so this was a big step for us as this is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Will we write more music like this in the future? Who knows, if we like an idea and it sticks with us then we can only try and couple music with it.

EB: I noticed that you guys had written in your bio something to the effect of recording two new singles in the lead up to the debut album. Assuming this track is one of the singles, when can we expect the next one to drop? What can we expect from it?

PT: That is correct, this song is the first of the two. The next song completely changes the dynamics of the band as a whole and has provided a new path for our songwriting. Without revealing too much, it is a far more unpredictable song that has twists and turns we want people to be surprised by. The actual message of the song isn't important, the song name is silly and that's what we want it to be. We want people to be impressed by the sound, not by the message. That's why Pigs With Shame was a different playing field for us, it was more about the meaning and vision of the lyrics and music.

With regards to a release date, we hope to have it out by the end of the year but that's not confirmed yet.

EB: With COVID restrictions being lifted in a lot of places, are you excited to get back down to business in the live setting? PT: COVID has had an exteme effect on all industries but the live music sector has really suffered. Luckily for us we were on the search for a drummer while there was uncertainty on whether gigs and live performances would be able to go ahead. This gave us over a year to practice and attempt to perfect the songs we had previously written. Now we have Rob by our side who is a fantastic drummer who will be with us for a while. The songs we create together are drastically more advanced and enjoyable to write than ever before, he has shown us the new path.

We did have our first gig with Rob recently at a sit-down event which at first we were sceptical of as we didn't know how it would compare to the usual 'everyone stood up, dancing and going absolutely mental' scene. It was brilliant, it felt extremely personal and allowed people people focus on the music more. The audience were still bobbing their heads and we got a round of applause after each song so there isn't much a band can ask for.

EB: That’s awesome! Glad to hear things are going well on that front. Any words for your fans and friends before we depart?

PT: Just keep supporting us through these times, live music will rule again. It's hard for any unsigned band to make it anywhere in the industry these days and being paid peanuts by streaming services doesn't help but we are all part of the problem. I still use spotify for basically all my music so it would be hypocritical of me to say don't use them. If you see a local band you like them, spend money on their latest EP or merchandise, they will forever appreciate it.

EB: Rank:





PT: Slayer




SLAYER. viva plastic tramps. viva evil bubble. stay evil.

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