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See You Space Cowboy…. Destroy

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Cowboy Destroy are a fuzzed out four piece originating from Texas, but currently operating out of Los Angeles. The group self identifies as “queer empowering garage Rock”, and that seems quite accurate to my fuzz detector.

Speaking of fuzz, this group loves to indulge in the sweet honey drip of distorted guitar rock. After all, what is a garage without some big muff eh? Check out some tunes and get to know the group a little better curtesy of the Evil Bubble. Enjoy....

EB: Well, how did you get your start in music?

CD: I started playing guitar for fun in college. Went with my dad to buy one after saving up some cash. Got an electric guitar about 5 years ago and have been having a blast learning online. I writeand record the songs in my basement and the band brings them alive! Have been in a couple other bands before - but this project started over quarantine alone in my basement and now and has grown into something real.

EB: And what was the recording process like? Do you play all the instruments?

CD: I did for the first two EPs except the drums, but I’m hoping our next release will collab with the band.

EB: What’s the recording process like for you? Are you the type of artist that likes the exploratory process? Do you like to be spur of the moment or do you prefer more structure?

CD: I have learned a lot quickly and still have so much to learn. So for me it is a discovery. I do it all. Sometimes I decide to write something. Sometimes it hits me all at once. And other times it is more of a process of trying a take and deleting it and trying something else. Sometimes I start with the drums and build it all after adding a bassline and other times I’ll start with lyrics and melody and work back.

EB: That sounds like quite a process. Is this all self discovery, or did you have any help along the way?

CD: My mixing engineer has been an invaluable resource, Jeremy Carberry. He is my mixing engineer. He recommends gear for my home recording and helps shape the sound.

EB: What releases have you recorded and released? Do you have any favorites?

CD: My favorite right now is probably Sex & Weed and Aunt Rose, but my favorites change.

EB: What’s the live experience mean to you? Does the group have a heavy emphasis on playing live?

CD: We do now. We just played our first show and are gearing up for several more. We love playing live. We play on the sunset strip next month and the Viper room in September.

EB: That’s great. Glad to hear things are going well for you. Are there any more plans to release any records in the near future?

CD: Thank you for your kindness. Yes! We are gearing up to release new music soon. No news yet, but We are working on three new songs!

EB: Anything you’d like to say to your fans or the local scene?

CD: We’d like to thank our fans for coming out to our first show. AND Thanks to the bookers in LA for bringing live music back to Los Angeles.

viva cowboy destroy, viva evil bubble, stay evil

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