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Making a Trash Fiasco

In the interest of keeping things PUNK, we’ve conducted an interview with the Chicago based garage rockers know as Trash Fiasco!!! Check it out, give them a good listen, and STAY EVIL!!

EB: Why don’t you give me a little insight into the band and it’s members? How did this all come about?

TF: Drums: Lucas Fuechsl

Bass: Alex “Frodo” Steinbach

Guitar/Vox: Frank Bruno

We had been playing in the Chicago DIY scene separately for a while. Lucas and I got together to form a project when he suggested we try out a good friend of his, Frodo. Trash Fiasco started in the pandemic, so we took the year to get our chemistry and set list dialed in. Now that we can get out again, we feel really tight and super confident.

EB: What were some experiences playing in the Chicago scene for you guys?

TF: Chicago went through a pretty rough lockdown, so we didn’t get to play out. But pre-pandemic, we’ve all been at and played in house/DIY shows, and there’s nothing like it. You know right away that everyone is there for the music. The amount of support and energy at those shows is incredible. Plus, they are a stupid amount of fun.

EB: Seems like a lot of fun! What kind of recording projects has the band gotten into thus far? Any plans for more in the near future?

TF: We released our first single, “Stay” in June and will release “Little Red Rover” on July 23rd. Both of these tracks are off of our upcoming debut album “Stay Miserable”, which releases 8/13. We are extremely excited to share our album with the world. We really think it’s a fresh sound you don’t see often, and we were sure to put our full heart and soul into it. The range on display in this record is what is most attractive I think.

EB: Are you guys going to tour this record around Chicago or the surrounding area? What is the live Trash Fiasco experience like?

TF: We have several IL gigs lined up and are in the process of booking more. Fans can find them all on our website. We transport ourselves into the music when we play live. If you don’t believe in what you are playing, how can you expect others to? Our performances are filled with emotion and a lot of energy. And I shouldn’t forget to mention that we’re loud. It wouldn’t be punk if we weren’t.

EB: That sounds awesome. Punk should definitely have that energy about it. Here’s a silly question I like to ask occasionally.






TF: Oooh good one.





Lucas also requests Exodus replaces Anthrax!

EB: I’ll allow it. Wrapping up., is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and friends?

TF: Thanks to all the people that have listened so far! Trash Fiasco only exists because we love the music we play. Hopefully when people check out the new album on 8/13, they’ll love it too!

stay trashy, stay evil

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