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Live From the Manic Vila

Manic Vila is an independent instrumental surf rock artist with a taste for reverb soaked melodies. Dig his soundcloud tunes, and grab some beach margaritas and beach weed while we learn a bit about the man.

EB: How did you get your start? How did you all get interested in music?

MV: As of now it’s a solo project that started last year just sitting down recording music and passing time.

I’ve played guitar for awhile but never recorded before. Still learning the whole process but having a blast doing it.

I’ve been interested in music since a very young age. I got a little toy nylon string guitar for Christmas and was hooked. Didn’t play as much as I liked earlier in life so I’m trying to make up for lost time.

EB: That’s awesome. What kind of music hooked you in initially?

MV: My parents listened a lot of classic rock, physical graffiti was the first cd they got me. Then Napster, Kazaa, Limewire etc., opened the world of music up and I listened to a lot of punk, ska, reggae, hip-hop, rocksteady and whatever else I could find.

EB: Do you have a live band, or do you focus on playing live a lot?

MV: I wish! Life is a little crazy right now to find a band and play live. Resources are also limited. Down the line I may concentrate on finding a band to play with because I heard of how much fun that can be. At the moment I just record at night when I can for about 2-4 hours.

EB: What’s the recording process like for you? Any upcoming releases?

MV: I like the spontaneity aspect of music and how it can come alive at any moment. I try to capture that every time I play and I really enjoy making tracks on a whim with no plans. It is what I enjoy most about the process. Making something exist all of a sudden. I feel as though I got really hooked into just recording a song just to record a song and I am now looking to escape that cycle. I am releasing music pretty consistently which is easier with instrumentals. I am having a blast making instrumental jam tracks at the moment. I’ve made a few releases with lyrics and will most likely dive more into that down the line.

EB: What kind of production techniques do you employ? Are you programming drums? Playing any keys?

MV: I’ve been searching for a drummer but for now I have to program my own drums. I lay down some drums and come up with a riff and kinda go from there. Right now I’m using an IRig and a MacBook. I would love to record live but don’t have the resources to do so. I’m still at pretty new to the whole process so it’s always a learning experience. I try to incorporate new sounds with organs and synths and I feel like that is coming along with more practice.

EB: Have you given any thought to performing live as a solo act?

MV: I have given it some thought but I don’t think it would work as a solo act. If I do get a band together I would love to play live!

EB: Anyway, any non musical influences that have contributed to your sound?

MV: I like to watch tv while I’m recording and the mood/action of what’s on tv usually has some influence. Doesn’t matter what is on I just kinda pick up moods from that. Or what I am feeling that day. I kinda gauge the feel of a song on how it sounds while watching something.

EB: Anyway, do you have any particular message for your fans and friends before we wrap up?

MV: Thanks for listening! (Even if it was for 10 seconds and you couldn’t stand it) Also, thanks for the interview and I’m really liking the site! Keep it up!

viva evil bubble, stay evil

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