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Freedom Saint Free

Since the beginning, punk music has been useful as a cocktail mixer. It's almost as if the music is so relatable and personal, that punk ethos and aesthetics can blend will with most other forms of music. In steps Saint Free from Rochester NY. Dig some tunes from the group, and get to know them a bit courtesy of Evil Bubble.

EB: Can I get a little background on the group? Members, location, style etc. SF: Thank you for taking the time! Established in Rochester, NY. Started as a solo project but now is a 5 piece band with guitar, bass, drums, keys & sax. We are a blend of punk, reggae & pop. It’s like if Rancid got into a bar fight with Arctic Monkeys but then made up while smoking a joint with Sublime.

EB: Anyway, what inspired you to create this music? What led to the formation of this band? How did you get interested in music?

SF: I’m mostly inspired by everyday life. I write about a lot of personal experiences and situations that I’ve been in.

Saint Free was originally a solo project and then when we started getting booked for gigs I had a floating band of different musicians that would perform for different shows. It eventually came to a point where we kept getting more gigs booked and I was getting sick of doing the same songs and wanted to learn new ones so I knew I needed to have a set constant band.

My interest from Music started very young where my grandma would play tapes of the Beatles and Elvis. Then once I got a little older I was introduced to punk rock that’s When I wanted to learn how to play guitar and write my own songs.

Really watching Green Day live at Woodstock 1994 was a huge inspiration too. Never seen that many people before in a crowd and just seeing how the crowd would react to the music would get me super fucking hyped!

EB: Green Day was/Is a really tight live band I agree…. Especially that 90s stuff.

So what type of recording projects have you released so far?

SF: So far I’ve released my first album which is self titled and then three singles for the new album TUSSIO which will be coming out this August. The first album I actually recorded and performed all of the instrument parts in a buddies basement.

The new album, TUSSIO I recorded in a Rochester studio with Sammy Polizzi Who engineered and produced it. The new album has other musicians on as well. The release date is August 6th.

EB: Any shows in the run up to this record release? Before Covid hit, release shows we’re a pretty common thing. Any plans for anything of that nature?

SF: Yeah August 6th we’re actually performing our album release show at Bug Jar in Rochester.

Should be a pretty gig event! Peeps can get tickets through

EB: Sounds groovy!! After this album releases, any big plans for the future? Where do you hope to take this project next?

SF: Would love to perform in new cities! Philly, Boston, Toronto… Gotta keep writing new songs with Attitude & Storyline.

EB: Do you have any other message for your fans and friends?

SF: Keep rocking, loving, and having fun!

EB: Rank:





SF: Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth. I like that question!

SLAYER. stay evil my precious friends. VIVA EVIL BUBBLE

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