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Evil Beginnings! The Future is in a Bubble!

What can be done when we are told that all is lost, my evil compatriot? We come together in any way that we can, of course! Instead of pouring all of our energy into the global pandemic we can, and have, turned to all of the creative projects we have ever wanted to explore. Thus, Evil Bubble was born out of necessity.

Our original goal for Evil Bubble was simply to release music, but over time the collective's goals have shifted and expanded. We realized that there were goals beyond music, including, but not limited to: video, clothing, and networking. All artistic endeavors under the Evil Bubble umbrella will be dedicated to originality and passion for the arts. Any artist affiliated with Evil Bubble will be treated with a human level of respect in regards to both music and music business. Above all, Evil Bubble will never burden artists with invasive influence and unfair business tactics. We will be useful to many creatives by lifting one another up, and by giving local artists an opportunity and a platform to stand on.

Over the last few months, we have been working to connect our small network of talented artists, but the bubble is ever-expanding. With a lot of help from a very special group of friends, we can facilitate the pursuit of creative endeavors for anyone that wants to chase their dreams. In addition to professional recordings, we can help artists acquire high quality video editing and vocal processing. We can also help musicians get custom effects pedals, professional live video, and event planning services! In addition to releasing our own projects, our main goal is to help local artists and businesses by connecting the dots that we have already found and founded.

In the immediate future, Evil Bubble will be focusing on releasing a steady stream of weekly original music releases from the artists that have found themselves under our banner. We plan to repeat this cycle many times, and never shying from variety, carrying proudly the idea that the future is always being written in real time! In addition to music, we will also be producing original video projects and street-wear. Something new is truly always on the horizon.

If Evil Bubble is something that interests you, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We are always looking to collaborate with artists and business people of all kinds. Put on your best face, but always remember that the future of art is ugly. Stay Evil, and, as we sometimes like to say:

Stay Tuned

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