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Elephants Don’t Usually Write Memoirs

UK indie-folksters Elephant Memoirs lay it down with a modern-vintage sound, because you know an elephant never forgets… to dig the new single on Spotify!! Get to know the band, courtesy of your pals at Evil Bubble!!

EB: So what is the groups origin? Who are all the members, and how did they become involved?

EM: We started in 2013 after John Aspinall (guitar/vocals) left his previous band, Dead Miles, to pursue a heavier, more aggressive style of music. He called upon the services of Barry Drew (drums) and older brother Carl Aspinall (bass) to join the new band, Elephant Memoirs.

Barry and John have been writing music together since their early teenage years, and along with Carl have played in a number different bands together over the years. So when John was looking for a bassist and drummer to join his new band, Barry and Carl were the obvious choices.

EB: What’s your philosophy in the studio, and how has that translated to your recordings?

EM: Our philosophy in the studio quite simple. Rehearse really well before we go into the studio so we are as tight as we can be so we aren't trying to learn or write new parts of songs while under pressure for studio time. All the hard work is done in advance. In the studio we just get into the right frame of mind and go for it.

We don't use a click track and don't do many overdubs. We want our songs to come across as well as they do live as they do in the studio and vice versa. An organic feel is what we look for in our sound.

EB: What’s the live experience like for this group?

EM: We have a lot of energy and urgency in our sound which comes across in our live sets. We don't mess around. There is nothing flashy, just a tight band giving it all for 30-40 mins.

EB: Do you have plans to release more records or tour at all?

EM: We have more single releases planned for the rest of this year and beyond. We are getting more live bookings as venues start to reopen and we will look to gig further afield than we have done before. We have stuff bubbling away in the background with announcements imminent.

bubbling… evil bubbling? giggity.

EB: What have you learned thus far in your musical journey that could potentially help others?

EM: Do things your own way and don't be afraid to be yourself whatever that may be.

EB: Any message for your fans?

EM: Thank you for your support, we can't to play live for you again in the near future.

EB: Silly question. RANK:










stay so evil comrades, stay so evil

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