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Corvax Attacks!!!

Corvax is a dark electronic artist based out of the UK, currently operating out of London! With an affinity toward the American industrial movement, Corvax makes raw and mechanical tunes with unified aesthetic. Enjoy some remarks from the artist, courtesy of your friends at Evil Bubble!

EB: So how did you get your start with music? Where’s the group from?

CV: It’s actually all just me. From writing to mixing. I used to play drums in bands when I was younger but then I discovered there’s nothing more satisfying than songwriting. So I learned how to produce in college then University which enabled me to create my own demos but then realised they were good enough to be released.

I’m from Wales, born in a little seaside town called Aberystwyth. I moved to London to study music production and then stayed to then try and make a name for myself here.

EB: That’s cool man. How has the name making gone thus far? Do you play live often?

CV: London is a difficult city to get noticed in as there are so many people doing the exact same thing or at least trying to achieve the same thing. Though every release I gain a few followers so I guess I’m still in the building phase.

I have never performed this project live yet, I’m not totally against it but I would need to find the perfect band (I wouldn’t want it to be a one man show).

EB: What kind of band do you envision?

CV: In my head there’s a bass player, drummer and then myself on vocals with some percussion/samples/guitar. I don’t want too many people as it creates a lot of complications, technically and mentally. This line up often changes depending on my mood though. One day I will figure out the perfect line up. I love how Royal Blood did it with just the two of them.

EB: What do you have in mind for future recording projects? Anything in the works?

CV: At the moment I’m taking a little break as it’s been a hectic year and I need to clear my mind so that I can fall in love with the process of making music again. I have some demos in the works so I’ll come back with something strong soon, possibly an EP but probably more singles for now.

EB: Have you ever thought of trying to eventually play across Europe or USA?

CV: Whenever I start gigging I would love to do both yes Europe and USA. I really feel like my music would probably be more accepted there than in London.

EB: Why do you think that? What is it about the London scene that is less geared toward your particular sounds?

CV: I feel like it is hard to stand out in London or at least it feels that way. Experimental is accepted in London but maybe in smaller doses. I feel like Berlin or France have more of an interest in the dark electronic scene. That’s what a little bit of research and my Spotify stats tell me anyway.

EB: There are certain archetypical traits associated with various regions around the world, and Britain is no exception. These kinds of things are as old as time, but we might call these “cultural memes” at present. When I listen to your tracks, I do hear some traits that are uniquely British. Does this mean anything to you?

CV: That’s interesting to hear! I know what you mean, I’ve heard other artists and you can just tell they’re British. I didn’t realise you could tell in my music but I don’t mind that at all. Can I ask what traits specifically? Is it the accent?

EB: It’s not the accent at all really. To me it’s more the dryness and bleakness of the humor, like the taste of gin and consistently rainy weather. Taking all those things that normally bum people out, and spitting it back with charm and comedy. It’s a general vibe and an attitude. It’s barely detectable like a spice in cooking, but it changes the outcome. I’m American so I come from an entirely different region, but I can tell you that British stuff hits just slightly differently. It goes throughout many art forms that I could think of.

CV: I am inspired by a lot of American music so I thought my sound would have an American taste, Nine Inch Nails being the biggest.

EB: What else have you been heavily influenced by?

CV: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Beck, PJ Harvey and Royal Blood. All of these artists have such good production and dip their toes back and forth between what is accessible and more experimental which I think is quite difficult.

They are all very guitar based as well which is something I’ve been experimenting more with. I’m enjoying coming up with riffs.

Films also inspire me to create, I recently watched A Clockwork Orange. Every time I watch an amazing film that’s on the alternative side of things it reminds me I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to follow any guidelines I can make whatever I want two make and it doesn’t matter.

EB: That’s cool about the films serving as an inspiration. I definitely use games and movies as sources of lyrical inspiration. I’d recommend you check out some recent Nick Cage movies. He does a lot of weird stuff now, like “Color out of Space” and “Willys Winderland”.

Anyway, Is that dip between bizarre and pop something that you could see yourself exploiting more in the future?

CV: I keep getting recommended Color out of Space, I really enjoyed Mandy if you watched that!

I do feel that yes. It’s not natural for me to make a full on pop song, it’s not in my blood. But recently I have realised that I do like hearing a song with a good chorus that’s memorable. I feel like I will go through waves of experimenting with songwriting. All I know at the moment is I want to sound different, I want to have a recognisable sound. I don’t mind if people can hear my inspirations but I don’t want to sound like I’m mimicking another artists.

EB: That’s a good way to look at it. Any styles you really could see yourself getting into?

CV: I would actually love to do some more remixes, I’ve done 4 now and I feel like I’m really getting a taste for it. They each allow me to try a different genre in my own way. It lets me experiment with different genres without changing my own.

So there isn’t exactly a specific style I can see myself leaning towards it’s more trying out a few and blending them.

EB: That sounds cool. Do you plan on releasing remixes of your own material?

CV: I am open to it, it actually isn’t something I’ve thought of but I would be happy to have my music remixed. I am very picky though so we shall see.

EB: Wrapping up, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and friends?

CV: I guess I would just want to say thank you for listening and expect a few more bangers in some months!!

stay evil, viva corvax, viva evil bubble

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