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Cat Ryan - Mary Shelley Song


“Mary Shelley Song” is the newest single from the UK rock trio known as Cat Ryan hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. The group seems to have about three to four years of experience together, as well as to recently released singles, and aims to keep momentum churning into 2021. Join us as we take a closer look at the group's newest work!

The track begins with a palm muted guitar riff balanced by some higher pitched guitar work reminiscent of chimes or bells. A brief pause precedes a half time four chord pattern that serves as a verse. The rhythm kicks up to full time to round out a verse that touches on some literary themes and celebratory imagery. The chorus evokes something of a 1980’s two tone aka track, but on the more mischievous side of things in that regard. The lead guitar mimes the lead vocal melody in a nice reaffirming duality for most of the track thus far.

After the verse chorus cycle plays out twice, the tracks hits a bridge that sees the instruments spread out a bit, each forming unique individual parts, before the band hits a quick half time pseudo reggae groove. This is only a brief respite however, as the tempo returns to full time and gallops to the finish line on the back of the bridge section.

The track overall solidly evokes a consistent feeling through the instrumental, the vocal/lyrics, and album art. Parts are performed solidly throughout, and the song is very well written. My only criticism is that I feel the song came out one month too late, as the track would have provided a perfect Halloween listen. All things considered, I find this track to be indicative of the fact that Cat Ryan is a band that is worth your time.


thanks to Cat Ryan! stay Evil friends!

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